• Louis E. Costa, II, D.M.D., M.D.
  • Dana L. Heikes, M.D., F.A.C.S.
  • 843.722.5904





“I have never, ever before taken a selfie, at least not on purpose. I hated how I looked so much I would not take a selfie and rarely ever let anyone take a picture of me. I like the result and so does my husband. Thank you!”


“Dr. Costa,

Just wanted to say thank you to you and every member of your staff that I interacted with throughout the process related to my procedure. What a wonderful, caring, competent culture you have developed!”

“I was blown away by how everyone seems to really care about every step of the way from scheduling appointments to my caretaker – everyone did an awesome job!

May God continue to bless you and your entire staff!”


“Dear Louie,

I hope this finds you and your staff doing well. I am so pleased with everything you did for me – it is just what I wanted. My family thinks I look the same just better.

You, your staff the entire experience was so much better than I could have hoped for. Thank you for the great care and for being a man of faith – it makes your practice very special!”


“Dear Dr. Costa,

Based on your reputation, I came to you with high expectations – little did I know that you would surpass them all, and then some. Now the person I see in the mirror is representational of how I feel inside; my old face just belied who I was, and still am.

Thanks to you, I can now project my true self to the world and be happy each time I look in the mirror (well, almost every time). The symmetry that you restored to my face is reminiscent of a long, long time ago in my life when people would sometimes describe me as “beautiful”. Having a defined jaw line is essential in having a good appearance – and you certainly gave me one! I can already see how differently people response to me. Our culture idolizes youth and beauty, and the further one deviates from that, the less value one is perceived to have (especially for women). Someday, I guess I’ll have to resign myself to “ageing gracefully”, but that’s a long way down the road.

I’ll soon have an empty nest and must make some big adjustments – my new looks will undoubtedly help me ‘face’ the future with a positive attitude and aid me in making whatever life changes may be in store for me – Divine Providence not with-standing.

I really cannot thank you enough for what you did for me. The results of your artistry are truly priceless! I sensed in you an abundance of qualities that I really liked, and although I was pretty anxious about having the procedure done, I knew for sure that you would take good care of me. And you and your great staff (that I can tell you hand-picked), did just that. To be quite honest, I was completely blown away!

Much love and thanks!”


“Just wanted to thank the entire staff for such a wonderful experience that has improved my self-esteem. Everyone was extremely nice and answered any questions I may have had. I have been very insecure with this for quite some time and have had a consultation elsewhere which did not meet my expectations. Due to the professionalism and explanation of Dr. Heikes, it was a very easy decision to have him perform the surgery. I felt very safe and confident in his care!

Again, many thanks, and I have and will continue to refer people to your facility.”

-Anonymous Patient

“Words are inadequate in expressing appreciation to you and your entire staff for my new life. Literally, my new life! Feeling bad about one’s physical appearance affects daily life and now I love mine. Not only do I look twenty years younger but my self-esteem has shot through the roof. I’m outgoing and can’t wait for the next day’s adventure whereas before surgery I didn’t want to leave home.
Much gratitude to you but also your staff for their kindness, patience, and professionalism. Recovery was a snap with their help. Also efficient and knowledgeable office personnel made everything easy.
As far as I’m concerned Southeastern is the ONLY facility for facial plastic surgery.
Thanking you, I am.”



“My thanks and appreciation to you and your staff. The warmth and caring in your office is a rare find.”


“This letter is to recognize your brilliance as a doctor. I often think of how much time, effort and loyalty you devote to your family and patients, and that no matter how tired or busy you are you take time to listen to those around you. I feel totally at ease around you because I know your faith is abundant with life and you use that to give people comfort and peace. Thank you for making me feel good, Dr. Costa. God Bless You.”


“Dear Southeastern Plastic Surgery Staff,

The evaluation I received in the mail gives me another opportunity to thank Dr. Heikes and the wonderful staff at SEFPS. Over the years, I have dealt with countless physicians and their staff. Your office, by far, has the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with. At every office visit, Dr. Heikes answered all my questions and alleviated any uneasiness I had. When I called after hours I never felt like I was bothering the nurses. They answered all my questions and didn’t laugh at the silly ones. A special thanks to all the nurses and administrative staff!
Let me say also from an aesthetic point of view, your staff is the best looking anywhere. All those glowing OBAGI complexions!”

-A very happy patient; L.K.

“Dr. Costa & Staff,

There are no words to express my sincere appreciation for your professionalism and expertise before, during, and after my surgery. The results have exceeded my expectations! It feels good to look 20 years younger. Thank you!”

-Satisfied Patient

“Dear Staff,

I’m the one who took his staff to Montana for an extra week of healing after we left Charleston. They had a wonderful time and couldn’t believe how beautiful everything out there was – and the weather was fantastic (mostly 50’s early morning and almost 85 high for the day). They all want to go back with their husbands.

Everyone here is amazed at how fast I healed. I could have returned to work after 1 ½ weeks but I sure loved the 3 weeks I took (especially Montana). I can tell even some of my “men” friends wish they had the courage to have it done (most have the money!) I explained that the discomfort was minimal. Sleeping on an incline and being confined (no physical activity) were by biggest objections. Everyone there (your office) were exceptional! Thank you – I think the results are fantastic! See you in 4 months.”

-Dr. Alan

My picture has been in the paper a lot lately and, thanks to you, it is a pretty picture… I am sure your ears were itching from high praise.


“My experience with all of you has been much better than I ever expected. Your nurses, Bethany and Robyn, are so knowledgeable, professional, and reassuring. I’ve really appreciated the excellent care I’ve received from them. My over night stay with Lynda as my sitter was very comfortable. Lynda is an angel! She is so gentle and efficient. I felt very safe and well cared for. I have been so pleased that I haven’t experienced any pain and everyday I’m more pleased with my progress. Many of my friends are amazed and very interested in Dr. Costa and his clinic. I must have some of your business cards. Thank you for caring and the great care. You have a wonderful staff and I’d be remiss if I left out the ladies at the front desk. Dealing with them long distance, they were so helpful and efficient. “


“I have learned something interesting about a skilled plastic surgeon through your work. My rhinoplasty, instead of drawing attention to itself, made the nose fit the face. Although you did nothing else, your capable restructuring of the nose made the eyes look larger and the lips fuller. It improved the total look. Thank you for giving me a new nose which seems more mine than the old one. The second day after the splint was removed, there was virtually no bruising! All that remained was a thin 1 inch semicircle under one eye and a little “eyeliner” on both eyelids. Thank you for being so careful during the operation. So far, no one knows I have had rhinoplasty, except for my wife. Thank you for making a dream come true.”


“Thank you for the wonderful care. I would recommend you highly to friends and colleagues.”


“Please tell Dr. Costa (and his staff) that I am very grateful for their excellent care and I “adore” what he did for my appearance–ONCE AGAIN he’s exceeding my expectations! My husband cannot stop commenting on the positive change… the overall improvement is incredible and I am so happy! Dr. Costa has given me the ability to look so much closer to the youthful spirit I feel inside. I feel I’ve been so blessed to have met him and his very kind staff.”


“Dr. Costa,

Just a note of thanks. The decision to have facial cosmetic surgery was a very hard one for me to make, but you and your team made it a surprisingly pleasant one as well. Thank you one and all for your very special skilled and loving care. It made all the difference. You are truly the “A”-Team.”



“You all were a class act! My experience and outcome was memorable, proactive and deeply rewarding. Thank you all so much!”


“I don’t know what I would have done without their support & advice… You have a winning team-I wouldn’t change it & the accommodations could not have been better!”


“Dr. Costa and the entire staff were the best! Very professional, courteous & friendly. I am extremely happy with my results & would recommend Southeastern very highly.”


To the whole team,

“I want to say a very sincere thank you for the wonderful care I received during my recent surgery experience:

To Dr. Costa and Dr. Heikes- for their medical expertise and skill delivered with kindness and caring

To the lovely ladies Alden and Ashley whose graciousness put me at ease on each visit

To Debi for her thorough pre and post-op teaching

And a special thank you to my angel of mercy, Tricia, who was so attentive during her on-call weekend, even providing transportation to the office, and whose genuine compassion will always be remembered.”


“Each and every one of you are unbelievable! Your care, comfort and kindness is so greatly appreciated. May God richly bless each of you!”


“Thank you so much to all of you! Everything exceeded my expectations! My results are perfection! You guys are ALL truly the best in the business!”


“Dr. Costa,

I am very pleased and happy that you did my facial surgery. The before and after pictures are proof of your expertise as a plastic/cosmetic surgeon. (I love the after pictures.)

Also, your staff was professional and friendly.”

-Satisfied Patient

“I was extremely pleased with the entire experience, including the professionalism and knowledge and the courteous treatment the office staff & Dr. Costa provided. Everyone was friendly and open to questions and I felt like they were genuinely concerned about the outcome of my operation. Five Stars! I feel like I look 10 years younger, not so saggy and wrinkled! I appreciate that Dr. Costa did multiple procedures on the same visit. Some of the cosmetic surgeons I spoke with wouldn’t “do everything” at the same time and It was so much more convenient to get multiple procedures done on the same day so that the healing process would be completed sooner. I would definitely recommend using your practice to anyone.

P.S.: The computer generated “before & after” pics were the deal maker!”


“Dr. Costa, Dr. Heikes, and their staff are the best! Thank you all! I would never go anywhere else!”


“This being my first experience with cosmetic surgery, I was somewhat apprehensive about the final results/appearance. “Thanks” is such a simple word for all that transpired during my consultation, day or surgery and the follow-up appointments with you and your staff. You and your nurses ensured that my experience was an excellent one; you staffed me with pre-post expectations and coached me along the way. Your organization is extremely professional, highly knowledgeable and went the extra mile to ensure I was comfortable and satisfied with the service and experience provided by you and your staff.
You stated that I was an excellent patient! Again, thanks but that’s because yours and your staff’s expertise allowed me to have a well informed and pleasant experience. Providing the right guidance, answering my questions with thoughtfulness and giving me assurance when necessary was all part of a fully delivered and well executed service package.”

-Anonymous Patient

“Wow, Wow, Wow!!! I look and feel amazing. Dr. Costa and Dr. Heikes did an excellent job. I love my younger, refreshed look and my new shape. I had no idea that the outcome would be this great. My husband tells me daily how beautiful I am and my friends all want to know where I went to get these “amazing” results! One friend who had a neck lift/eyes done by a NC doctor and always said he was the best looks at me and says, “I believe Dr. Costa is better than my doctor.” I don’t tell them I had lipo, but if they knew that, they would say the same about Dr. Heikes!

I would definitely do this again and use the same doctors, nurses and staff! You are all the best and I recommend you to others daily.”


“You all made this procedure so smooth and were all re-assuring. I appreciate your attention to detail and kindness. I am very pleased wtih my results and will definitely refer friends when possible. Thank you.”


“To All,

If I were able to shout from Columbia to Charleston the great news about the entire experience, I would do it today. Instead, I will continue to share personally with friends about how wonderful y’all are. Professional, personable, passionate, and caring are just some of the words I’ll continue to use. The outcome has matched my expectation because I trusted Dr. Costa without question prior to the surgery, and the excellent care was maintained throughout, and to this day.

Thank you for all you do! I feel blessed and grateful for choosing Southeastern Facial Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery Center; why would someone go anywhere else!”


“5 weeks today. Service and care with everyone was outstanding. Every week is a little better. I know it takes time, I’m just eager for all the swelling & healing to be done. I expected excellent care and all of you delivered that with compassion and expertise. Your practice reflects your own high standards and desire to serve.”

-Anonymous Patient

“Your entire group is wonderful. Your care is excellent. I am so happy with the results. I really appreciate everything you did.”


“Thanks for your professionalism, compassion, and especially your sense of humor and the SMILES!”


“Keep on praying with the patient before surgery. That was a strengthening boost to morale. God bless you all!”


Thank you for “going the extra mile” in making all the arrangements so my stay in Charleston could go so smoothly. Dr. Costa is an excellent surgeon with an excellent staff and facilities, which adds up to a very satisfied patient!

-Anonymous Patient

“After having liposuciton of the abdomen, waist and hip area, I am very pleased with the results. My goal was to be the best I can be for may age of 60+. I have gone from size 10-12 to 6-8. Dr. Heikes is an excellent surgeon and the staff was very kind and helpful. I am very pleased, thank you!”


Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” Of course we know Dr. Costa improves on the outside, the beauty that exists within.

Thank you all for the excellent care, kindness, and laughs. We truly are like family. Keep up the good work.


“I could not have been happier with every aspect of my procedure. First of all, the staff, receiptionists, nurses, everyone – were just terrific. So caring and professional and helpful in every way – they made me feel very comfortable from the start – I never felt like just another patient – I felt that they truly cared about me and about making sure that I was indeed comfortable.”

Secondly, meeting with Dr. Costa for my first consult was so helpful. I was, of course, nervous, but I knew that he had the expertise and the knowledge and the experience that would make for a good result. Meeting and talking with him helped me know more about what he was going to do to get the kind of result I wanted. I felt from the beginning that I was being treated by someone who understood and cared about what I wanted.

Thirdly, the morning of the surgery – everyone, staff, nurses and Dr. Costa – all gave me such a level of comfort and peace about what was going to happen – after all this was about my face! They were all just so gentle and patient.

The room that I spent the night in was so comfortable and attractive – I felt like I was in a very nice hotel instead of any sort of hospital room!

It has now been 3 weeks since my surgery and I can honestly say that while I have had discomfort, I never had any pain. I am so happy that I did this – and am so glad that I went to Dr. Costa!

Thank you again so much!!


“Dear Dr. Costa,

Words cannot begin to express my deep gratitude to you for performing such amazing surgery on my face. I know I will be reaping benefits, both physically and emotionally, for many years to come. You are not only a truly gifted surgeon, you are an artist. Some work with marble, some with clay; your medium is the human face and God has truly blessed you with a deft hand. May He cause His face to shine on you and bless you and your family abundantly.”


“I love this place!”


“Dr. Heikes and his staff/nurses went over and beyond to make sure my “mommy make-over” met my expectations. I am beyond satisfied with the results. He is such a kind, understanding, and compassionate surgeon. My experience was wonderful.”


“Dear Dr. Costa,

How do I ever begin to thank you for your kindness and care. My earlobes look amazing and for the first time in years I’ll be able to wear pretty post earrings. I will forever be grateful and take none of it for granted. It means more to me than you will ever know.”


“To All of You,

I could not have ever done this surgery with anyone else. Dr. Costa and all of his staff were so kind and understanding and really told me the truth about the whole procedure! Thanks to all of you for your support and kindness. I truly appreciate everything. (Prayer, the best!)”


“Dear Dr. Costa,

I am tremendously pleased with the outcome of my surgery. You are extremely talented and I am so glad that I chose you as my surgeon. Not only was the surgery a great success, it is clear that you and your staff care about your patients. Your prayer prior to surgery gave me a great sense of peace and trust that the outcome would be a success.

Thank you again for taking good care of me and I am forever grateful to you.”